flex|pos philosophy – our service commitment

We analyse and minimise disruptions, and reduce costs – that is our promise to you.

“We are a modern family business that has sustainable partnerships with our long-standing clients.”

Jörg Wimper jun.
Managing Partner

As an experienced retail specialist, we provide support throughout Europe for your till systems. We are passionate about our work and aim to ensure the highest level of quality in a fast, reliable and flexible way. We work independently from individual manufacturers and can therefore guarantee that we will provide you with honest and objective advice.

Our Services
Some of our clients:

Our diverse team

At flex|pos, every single person counts: as a constantly growing family business, we employ around 100 people across various divisions. You can find the right contact for any of your queries here.

managing directors
Jörg Wimper jun.
Managing Partner
T: + 49 (0)231 847 953-0
Nicole Wimper
Managing Partner
T: + 49 (0)231 847 953-0
Headquarter Dortmund
Uwe Austermann
Partner Management
T: + 49 (0)231 / 847 953-65
Dominik Koch
Scales & Legal Metrology
T: + 49 (0)231 / 847 953-49
Lothar Körner
Quality Management
T: + 49 (0)231 / 847 953-19
Jan Potthast
Technical Lead
T: + 49 (0)231 847 953-0
Joscha Siebers
Head of Business Analytics & Development
T: + 49 (0)231 847 953-23
Norman Trutz
Head of Dispatch
T: + 49 (0)231 847 953-53
Jörg Wimper
T: + 49 (0)231 847 953-0
Office Unna
Tim Jendretzki
Head of Office Unna
T: + 49 (0)2303 / 959 86-09
Peter Leliveldt
Head of Logistics
T: + 49 (0)203 959 86-30
Alfred Mielewsky
Head of Project Management
T: + 49 (0)231 847 953-0
Wassilios Papadimitriou
Partner Management Germany
T: + 49 (0)231 847 953-0
Christian Sachau
Head of User Helpdesk
T: + 49 (0)2303 959 86-80
Elke Wowerus
Leiterin Business Controlling
T: + 49 (0)231 847953-17

flex|pos throughout Europe – where we operate

27 counties, 24 partners, one service: many clients also use flex|pos in other European countries. We have technical partners in 27 countries who are able to provide on-site assistance at short notice. So we are always nearby no matter where you are in Europe.

Austria | Belgium | Bosnia | Bulgaria | Denmark | Germany | Estonia | France | Great Britain | Italy | Croatia | Latvia | Lithuania | The Netherlands | Switzerland | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Russia | Sweden | Serbia | Slovakia | Slovenia | Spain | Czech Republic | Turkey | Hungary
Dortmund location

Since our beginnings, flex|pos has had its headquarters in Dortmund, right in the heart of the Ruhr area. In addition to the management team, our dispatch department is located at our office. We control and manage our Europe-wide technical assignments from this location. In addition, the Technical Support, IT, Purchasing, Business Analytics, Software Development and International Partner Management divisions are located in Dortmund. And colleagues from the Human Resources, Finance and Office Administration and Service and Quality Management divisions also work here.

Unna location

The flex|pos logistics centre is located at our new site at the Unna-Ost business park. Logistics and the IT & Repair division are located here in a space which comprises 4,500 square metres. Every day, a wide variety of construction parts, spare parts and cash register components are sent on their journeys to our international technicians and customers from this location. In addition, Business Controlling and National Partner Management are based in Unna. And our most recently established divisions, the User Help Desk and the Construction Project Group, are located here too. The flex|pos Academy, where training courses are held regularly for our technicians, is based here too.

The flex|pos story

A vision, high quality standards and a healthy dose of courage ... these are the pillars on which Heinrich Balsfulland and Jörg Wimper built flex|pos GmbH & Co. KG in January 2005. Founded at the Wimper family’s coffee table in Dortmund, the founders’ ideas quickly became reality thanks to lots of support from both families and a handful of employees. Nowadays, flex|pos currently has around 100 employees at the Dortmund and Unna locations and has earned an excellent reputation throughout Europe as a retail specialist. And the journey continues... since January 2020, the company has been managed entirely by the next generation: in addition to Nicole Wimper, Jörg Wimper Junior is now working as a managing partner. He replaces Jörg Wimper Senior, who will continue to serve flex|pos as a shareholder and visionary.

Our summer party

We work hard, but we also know how to let our hair down every now and again. And that’s exactly what we do every year at the flex|pos summer party at Mowwe Restaurant
and Café, where we enjoy a day in the country with all of our partners, clients and employees.

green|pos – green by nature

Responsible and environmentally conscious: flex|pos aims to be a carbon neutral company. That’s why we launched green|pos – our ambitious project for sustainable environmental protection. We plan our technician’s routes efficiently, strive towards a paperless office and operate our website in a carbon neutral way. We are also involved in reforesting destroyed rainforests in Panama via the CO2OL initiative, in order to neutralise our CO2 emissions. This means that a flex|pos forest is steadily growing, which is something we are proud of.